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Kossuth Polgtheri KHer - Kossuth Civic Center


A well-known group with a rich history, which has been hosted by the Miami Hungarian House since its foundation in 1952.

The Circle organizes cultural and social gatherings in close cooperation with the First Hungarian United Christian Church and its organizations. It nurtures, maintains and spreads the Hungarian language, literature, art, history, traditions and customs. Its task is to unite the Hungarians living here, to build the community, to support community activity, to expand opportunities for action, and to help the multicultural social value system become a daily practice.


Membership fee: $30/year


Why should you join?

You can be part of the life of the community and help make important decisions. You can enjoy Sunday lunch at a discount and participate in our events. The income from the membership fee is used for the development of the Miami Hungarian House and the organization of programs.





Payment of membership fee:

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