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Short Information About Our Church



Our church the “First Hungarian United Church of Christ of Miami Inc.” was founded in the late 1940-s and it attends to the needs of the Hungarian Christians of South Florida.  Our community is of mixed reformed, catholic and various other protestant members, mostly of Hungarian origin.  We represent traditional Christian values. We are affiliated with the “Hungarian Reformed Church in America”, an independent church denomination.


We hold interdenominational worship services every Sunday at 11 am. The services are mostly in Hungarian and sometimes in English, or even in Spanish as need arises.  The church has an active Women’s Guild, Sunday School, Youth Group, and Building Committee.  Their activities are centered around Hungarian cooking, religious and cultural education, and youth activities respectively.  We actively cooperate with the “Kossuth Civic Center of Miami Inc.”, our sister organization.  The proclamation of the Gospel and the preservation of our Hungarian heritage and culture is a common cause. For this mission the church owns the necessary buildings, a beautiful church, parsonage, “Kossuth” banquet hall with stage, “Petofi” hall for youth, and a rental apartment complex.

2236 NW 14 St.

Miami, FL 33125

Tel: 786-768-0442


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